Race the Traffic Moto

Race the Traffic Moto 1.0.14

You'll run out of patience before your run out of road

Get ready for more traffic dodging with Race the Traffic Moto, but this time your vehicle of choice for this endless racing game is a motorbike.

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  • Beautiful graphics
  • Controls are straightforward


  • Very intrusive adverts
  • Controls lack sensitivity
  • Irritating music

Not bad

Get ready for more traffic dodging with Race the Traffic Moto, but this time your vehicle of choice for this endless racing game is a motorbike.

Watch out for that car

If you've ever played Race the Traffic (the version where you're in a car and not on a motorbike), then this game will be very familiar to you. The general gist of Race the Traffic Moto is to avoid hitting cars as you race along the road on your motorbike.

Much like the original car version, there are three game modes: endless one-way, endless two-way (avoid traffic coming towards you and from behind), and one on one (versus the computer) - all of which can be played in day or night conditions. You earn dollars to upgrade your bike by driving as far as you can, setting new top speeds, and dodging traffic. There are three different riders you can play as, but this is more of an aesthetic feature as they don't have any different skills or characteristics.

Unlike the car version (where it would take several crashes to end a run) this is a one strike and you're out situation, making it far more challenging - especially as even clipping a car will send you spinning out of control. This, ultimately, makes the game frustrating and far less satisfying.

A game for people with big hands

While the controls are easy to pick up and pretty straightforward, their lack of sensitivity spoils the gameplay. You can chose between tilt control or virtual buttons (located at the base of the screen) to guide your bike's nail-biting path through the oncoming traffic.

With tilt controls, an awful lot of movement is required to travel even a short distance. Meanwhile, the positioning of the virtual buttons (at either side of the screen) requires massive hands - especially on larger devices. Thus, a lot of practice is required to master the interface and, even then, it can be kind of hit and miss. If you do end up playing for a while, you will eventually be able to perform some neat tricks, but it's not enough to make up for the overall poor gameplay.

But the worst thing about Race the Traffic Moto is its intrusive advertising, which pops up at every opportunity and is ever present on the home screen. And the game constantly prompts you to pay money to remove the ads. It's really annoying.

Beautiful backdrops

The graphics are bold, full of color, with a high level of detail. One stage will see you racing through snow-topped mountains, the next will have you speeding past skyscrapers, before taking a trip past the ocean.

The music is pretty irritating. The incessant tapping of the snare drum makes you feel as if you're stuck on the intro of a song, waiting for the guitars to kick in. Either that or you've walked into an orchestra's percussion section rehearsal.

Avoid it if you can

While Race the Traffic Moto may look the part, with its stylish and well-designed graphics, the gameplay is disappointing and the adverts are far too intrusive. It feels like a poor copy of the original game and it isn't on par with other racing games out there.

Race the Traffic Moto


Race the Traffic Moto 1.0.14

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